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WTB CBR250RR Front disk

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I am after a 2nd hand stock cbr250rr front disk.

Would be good if it was on the gold coast.

thank you
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crikey mate, i think a thin disk is the least of your problems :p
Not willing to separate but I have these if you want?

I can organise brand new metal gears with pads pick up $360 in south of brisbane or chinese waves with pads too your door for $250 from melb
i got a set of stock genuine used honda disks, they are about 3.7mm each, so just above minimum. they are both yours for $150 if you want, plus i live on the coast so you can pick them up if you want so you dont have to pay for postage :)

just swing me a pm if interested
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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