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WTB: MC22 air ducts

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I have moved one too many times over the years and can't find my fake air intakes anywhere.:blush:
If anyone has a pair spare, please let me know
I'm on the Sunny Coast, QLD
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studricho said:
How many do you need?
1 left + 1 right
ill have to have a look in the garage this arvo, but im pretty sure ive got a set lying around from when i changed my bike to its 600 kit.

happy to send them to you for $25 including postage, if i can find them. just give me a pm
PM sent.
Thanks to everyone so far for the help
I also require a set of these if anyone has any please!
Item no.5 perhaps?

hmmm... my bad, already sold. Sorry about that.
i think i have some, i'll have a look tomorrow
Thanks mate! I only need the RHS but I'll buy both if they're only going in pairs.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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