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WTB (QLD) mc22 forks, ac bikes 600rr front end for mc22

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hello i had an accident involving a gravel patch ... :-( any way me and my bike made acquaintances with a guard rail and bent the forks pretty bad. so thats urgentish.

i tried to email ac bikes about the 600rr front end for the mc22 but 3 months later still no response. is this a real website or fake to get my hopes up hehe.

im located on the sunny coast but will drive as far as the gold coast to pick up any parts. will aslo pay for postage if Required.

if any one has a whole bike (crashed or not) for sale i will consider aslong as the forks are straight thanks.

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Apparently, Simon (acbikes) is not making anymore kits for time being due to some business complications.
I last spoke to him mid last year, not sure if that is still the case. But im guessing so if he hasnt replied to you yet.
Why not tyga front? or maybe wait around for one to pop up.
thanks and i just like the simons front end. i have a tyga rc211v kit ATM.

but most urgent is the forks.!!!!!!
no longer need the forks but really want the 600 kit still.
i have many parts to trade or will buy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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