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WTB Rear Sprocket Bolts MC22

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As above, I'm after the 6 rear sprocket bolts off an MC22.

I know wreckers have them but I'm working all day today, tomorrow and Saturday and I would like to have these bolts by Saturday night.

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bahaha! You stripped them all?
lol nah 3 got stripped a litle bit so I'd prefer to replace them.
Sheesh man. Are you using the right size socket!?
Yeah they were really tight. Definitely used the right sized metric hex key and ring spanner to hold the nut. On one of the bolts I stripped the hex key AND the nut completely so had to drill it out.

And I'm not using cheap tools either.. I bought a $360 hex key and socket/spaner set... I guess the bolts have just deteriorated after 20 years so I'd like to replace them rather than stick half-stripped ones back on.

the bolts?? are you using the right tools??
also, there was most probably locktite on it......
Single hex sockets are your friend here!
Got 6 new bolts, washers and nuts for $5 from a bolt place.

you sure they are proper bolts?
its the last thing you would want to go.....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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