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WTB Replacement phonezors

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Hi all. The N95 hit something while riding on the weekend and I now have a totally smashed screen. Im in the market for a replacement.

I dont want to spend a heap of cash on it, but if you've got an unloved phone after upgrading to an iphone - let me know!

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I have a n900, want?
how much loot for your booty?
Looking at $400-$500. Bought it brand new from the states for $900, so no warranty. It's about 6 months old.
hessian, you can get a new screen for about $40.........unless the rest of phone is screwed
my iphone is getting the whole lcd replaced at the moment, and its only costing $100.. do you have insurance hessian?
hijack :p
also, if anyone has a shitty motorola or the like that they wanna sell for 20-40 bucks pm me please, i cant stand not having a phone for 3 weeks :(
pretty sure no insurance on the phone. if its only $40, where can I get the screen from?
My brother is selling his iPhone 3G 8GB. Has the usual scratches on the back and a small crack on the back at the top right, which is hardly noticeable. Stick a case/cover on it and it's good to go.

It's unlocked as well.. He's got an offer for $330.. He's looking for about $400 but he'll probably take $350.. PM me if you're interested..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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