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WTB Twist of the Wrist (DVD)

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As above :)
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why dont u just download it from isohunt.com or try demonoid.com
i got it from one of them.. its like almost close to 2gb
i got it from isohunt.. took like 45 mins to download, if that
unless you wanna pay for it, then ill sell you a copy for 25 bucks :p
i told him first ! and ill sell it to ya for 20 bucks! hehe
#2 is the sequel to #1 :bootyshake:
i found a download linky for number 2. anyone got a link for number 1? (or a copy they want to sell me?)

Cheers :)
There is no 1 DVD. Only the book.
Lies. Nobody learns from books!
i got one as a audio book, keith code sometimes reads me bed time stories....
Glenn R said:
There is no 1 DVD. Only the book.
books are great but a video can explain things far more better that a picture with a bit of text.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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