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WTB: Various CBR250RR parts

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Wooo... First post on the new forum... Can you tell how lazy I am - it took me 2 months to re-register and migrate lol

Anyway, I'm looking to add some respectability back to my cibby and therefore need some parts and I was hoping someone here may have 'em lying around:

1 x (Front) (Left) Indicator (I can't remember if they were one size fits all?)

1 x Tinted Windscreen Nevermind this one - I just bought this from eBay

1 x Left Hand Side Handlebar (*edit*: I think I may just need the bar end as this is what has snapped off and I didn't know that its not part of the handlebar)
(*edit x 2*: After doing a little more reading I think it may just be the inner weight that has snapped off.. Nevertheless it needs to be changed as the bar end is all scratched up)
Handlebar is ok... I just need to replace the inner piece and need a stock bar end Clicky

1 x Pillion seat (Or direct me to a good cheap re-upholsterer in Melbourne... p.s. How much would re-upholstering cost?)

Obviously prefer them to be in good condition.

Probably need a few more bits and pieces, so will post when I've done a thorough check of the bike but if someone has any of these to start that would be great.
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Got a pillion seat small tear and original indicators.

Guessing you don't need anymore stuff because you can get most of it from ebay?
just got both my seats re-upolstered with new foam aswell for $120 if that helps in sydney but should be relatively the same im guessing.
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