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WTS: Shark Helmet and Dainese Leather Jacket

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Sup guys, long time no talk lol....

Just come back to get rid of some of my old stuff I never ended up using....

First is my Brand new Shark RSI Smoke I bought for $430 last year in September(I think) and was only used once. Still in brand new condition. Selling for $270, it's still $430 in shops. Comes with 5 year Guarantee from Shark, and a helmet bag, and receipts. Am open to offers, don't be stupid about it though lol =)

Next is my Full Leather Dainese Codice Controllo Jacket I bought second hand for $250 early this year, but haven't used it since bought, only cleaned it. I'm selling it for $160.

Also have a pair of Shift Leather pants I bought for $600 a year ago, but they just didn't seem to fit, and am only now getting rid of them.... No receipts, they are going for $250 pretty much brand new, except for one 20 minute ride, open to offers =) Will post pics of these later....[hr]
Edit: Later is now =)
Also, forgot to mention that the pants have a full waist zipper for matching Shift jackets(pretty much all) and also a separate 8-12 inch zipper at the back for other matching jackets...

Forgot to post sizes.......
Jacket is size 54(EU)
Helmet is size XL
Pants are size 54(EU)

Don't want to get flamed, lol
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Shift pants now only $220(Brand New Without Tags)
Shark Helmet now only $260 (Brand New With Receipts and 5 year Warranty)
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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