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year is up, thought id share my new ride :)

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After an obseen amount of research on ... 600-1000, yamaha- honda, I threw it all out the window when i saw her, i def was not expecting to be riding a suzuki. Its a gsx-r750 08 limited colour. I have already put the coloured screen and exhaust on and i today recieved my deceptercon sticker to put on the tank( im a nerd). sad to see the 250 go but these bikes are truely increadable.

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limited colour indeed....never seen it b4........
i like =)
ow.. and iv changed my name on the forum i used to be issy with the orange cbr250rr in brisbane.
woo suzuki!

very sexy indeed. i wish i could spend that much money on a bike.
Nice bike. Congratulations
Im a huge fan of the orange. I've seen another one of these outside University of Canberra a few months back.
Decepticons are cool :D
Scorpion slipon?
Looks great!

sif you'll be sad about the 250 going after about 1 ride on the gixxer :p
yeah scorpion slip on, all i could afford really but very happy with it actually. Great note to it.
They are great bikes. I have ridden a mates but 750 but I think its closer to an 05ish.

The 750 shares the same frame and almost everything with a 600 right except for the engine, right?
yeah, a 2 kg diff i believe. slipper clutch, abc modes ect...everything else identicle.
nice wan mate
the 750's are an incredible bike
they are the best of all worlds
When I was looking for a bike I didn't try any of the 750s but after riding one later I think it would have been a hard decision had I ridden one.
sweet ride man, congrats.
congrats mate, whats the pillion position like on it?
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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